Is being ignored the most soul destroying thing ever or?

Track: Lighters Up
Artist: Lil' Kim
Album: Naked Truth
Played: 2245 times

I’m really sleepy & content & could easily go to sleep really early for once in my life but NOPE!

Anonymous said: reading your ask about struggling with sexuality makes me feel so lucky that I had an easy ride through school


shaunlikesyou said: Where have you been? :o Haven't seen you on here in ages!

I only really use my twitter these days

astoldbyashrimp said: What is the reason/meaning behind your username?

I liked it for the sorta exalted meaning behind it.. also it’s a Kate Bush album aaaaand If i ever had a child (a little boy) I’d like him to be called ‘Lion’ with ‘Heart’ possibly as his middle name :’)

Anonymous said: Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time for everything you want to do?

Totally.. I have more ideas than time.


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